NW China City Issues Policy to Guarantee Maternity Insurance for Employees

 December 26, 2018

An official from Xi'an, capital city of northwest China's Shaanxi Province, spoke to reporters on November 26, making reply to questions about the city's newly introduced maternity insurance policy. 

Yang Hangli is deputy director of the Social Security Center of Xi'an Human Resources and the Social Security Bureau.

Since January this year, Xi'an has included maternity insurance payments in the scope of benefits provided to workers. 

Although the city has implemented the policy for nearly a year, many are still unsure about how to access such benefits, and how much they can obtain. 

Women workers who participate in Xi'an's maternity insurance program can enjoy maternity leave in accordance with the number of days prescribed by the State.

Maternity Leave, Reimbursement

The Regulations on Population and Family Planning of Shaanxi Province stipulates that maternity leave for female employees should increase by 60 days on the basis of the 98 days prescribed by the state.

If pre-pregnancy inspection is carried out, it may be increased by another 10 days; in case of an obstructed labour, maternity leave shall be increased for 15 days; for multiple births, the birth of each baby would lead to an increase of maternity leave by 15 days.

Female employees who suffer a miscarriage within four months of pregnancy will get 15 days of maternity leave; those who miscarry later will get 42 days of maternity leave.

According to Yang, during the period of maternity leave for female employees participating in the Xi'an maternity insurance, maternity allowance is granted according to the number of maternity leave days prescribed by the State.

The increase in incentive holiday benefits for female employees on the basis of national statutory maternity leave is to be paid by the employer.

If a woman is a non-urban worker who has not participated in the maternity insurance scheme in Xi 'an, the maternity insurance of her spouse can be used to reimburse a certain amount of medical expenses.

The reimbursement can be up to a maximum of 3,000 yuan for a cesarean section and a maximum of 2,000 yuan for a normal delivery.

Maternity Insurance Payment, Subsidy 

Yang said employers should sign up for Xi'an maternity insurance program and fulfill their payment obligations in accordance with law.

Insured female employees shall obtain maternity benefits from the maternity insurance fund after 12 months of continuous payments into the maternity insurance premium. 

If the individual continuous payment record is less than 12 months, the employer should pay the maternity allowance first, and maternity insurance will be provided by the maternity insurance fund after 12 months' payment are completed by the employer.

Since after January 1st, 2018, female employees are eligible for maternity benefits when taking maternity leave after giving birth or having abortion in accordance with relevant policies at national, provincial or municipal levels. 

When an insured female employee pays medical expenses at a designated institution, the system will automatically complete a declaration and registration of the maternity allowance. 

After reviewing the information from social security agencies at all levels, the maternity allowance will be calculated in accordance with the policy and directly transferred to the employer.

How to Reimburse 

According to Yang, Article 53 of the Social Insurance Law stipulates that: "Employees shall participate in maternity insurance, and employers shall pay a maternity insurance premium in accordance with State regulations. Employees shall not pay the maternity insurance premium.”

In other words, maternity insurance can only be covered by the employer.

If the unit where the individual is employed does not pay maternity insurance, it is recommended to consult with the unit first. 

The unit that has been agreed upon shall apply to the maternity insurance agency for reimbursement, and the maternity insurance agency should verify the amount of the arrears of the maternity insurance. 

The benefits of maternity insurance for workers in Xi'an follows the principle of making payments in the current month and receiving benefits the following month.

(Source: Shaanxi Daily/Translated and edited by Women of China)


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