Female Teacher Dedicates Herself to Rural Education

September 6, 2018
Editor: Tie Ling
Female Teacher Dedicates Herself to Rural Education
Zhang Jianhua gives a lesson. [cctv.com]


Zhang Jianhua, who works in a rural primary school, gives students spiritual support and has been committed to education for 25 years.

Zhang teaches in Fangli Village, the most remote and impoverished village in Fuping County, north China's Hebei Province.

Students from six nearby villages in the mountainous area study at Zhang's school. Zhang teaches all subjects for the fourth grade students and pays attention to children's all-round development.

In Zhang's view, the aims of education are to enrich children's knowledge and to nourish their spirits. Zhang deeply believes that the simplest and truest form of education is love and companionship.

She integrates games and rhythmic exercises into physical education classes and teaches children sketching, paper-cuts, and handicrafts in art classes. 

Zhang insists on a daily home visit to the students in various villages. She leads students to clean the streets of the village regularly and visit local people who need assistance, such as the aged and the disabled.

In the busy farming season, Zhang set up a mutual-support group and gives lessons in the fields. Thus students, while doing farm work, learn how to write with rich writing materials from their lives.

Zhang maintains the habit of reading for an hour every day, and 10 educational monographs a year, as well as learning from her colleagues.

Under the guidance of Zhang, the students are conscientious in their studies and regularly help each other.

In 2014, Zhang's class was appraised as the most outstanding class in Baoding City. Zhang was awarded several honorary titles. 


Female Teacher Dedicates Herself to Rural Education
Zhang Jianhua [cctv.com]


(Source: cctv.com / Translated and edited by Women of China)

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