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About Women of China Website

Sponsored by All-China Women’s Federation, womenofchina.cn offers comprehensive information on the way China’s women live today, showcasing their views on the rapidly changing world around them, the challenges they face and the achievements that have been made in the field of women’s development.


We aim to provide a window into our country from a women’s perspective, as well as be a comprehensive resource for gender development and women’s studies professionals. By sharing the progress of China’s women with the world, we hope to bridge the gap between China and the World.


English translation of articles relating to women’s issues published in Chinese newspapers are published daily on our website, as well as comprehensive statistics on gender development. Practical advice on health and fitness, folk art, customs and books provide a closer look at Chinese culture.


Main Sessions


Up to date news relating to women and children as well as important events in China



Projects and campaigns by women or for women in China



In-depth features and reviews on women’s issues in China



Governmental or non-governmental organizations by women or for women



Statistics and research on women’s studies and gender development in China



An overview of the law and regulations relating to women and children in China



Customs, Costumes, Health and Fitness, Arts and Craft, What’s On and Hot words



Photographs of Chinese women and children, their images and lives, activities they are involved, customs, education, and news photos.

Special Coverage

Special Columns from our clients such as Water Cellar for Mothers project, Women and Olympic Games, China-UK Women’s Cultural Festival and etc.