QR Code Wedding Gift 二维码礼金 (èrwéimǎ lǐjīn)

April 27, 2017
By China DailyEditor: Penny Huang

Quick response codes are everywhere nowadays. According to media reports, a bridesmaid at a wedding in Beijing hung a card from her neck with an Alipay QR code on it to collect gift money from the guests. The bridesmaid said paying money to newlyweds this way is more convenient and acceptable for young people.

Giving gifts to couples on their wedding day has been a Chinese tradition. Gradually the gifts were replaced by money, as both the receivers and givers found it preferable and more convenient. Giving gift money by means of an Alipay QR code, simply brings the custom of giving money in line with the times.

But although it may be a reasonable choice from the point of view of convenience, there are still some people who worry giving money in this way undermines the traditional spirit of wedding gifts by turning it into a utilitarian transaction.

However, it is not what is given, or how it is given that matters, it is the goodwill what is given stands for.

(Source: China Daily)

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