Tianjin Women’s Federation Acts to Protect Women’s Employment Rights

January 29, 2018
Editor: Chen Caixia
Women volunteers attend a legal promotion activity in Tianjin's Xiqing District.[tjwomen.org.cn]  


Tianjin Women's Federation (TWF) recently took steps to improve gender equality by recommending amendments to legislation and addressing other measures affecting women's employment.

Women's employment in the northern city has long been subject to challenges.

Since 2017, departments have been delegating power to lower levels, which has unfortunately led to increased gender discrimination. In order to tackle this problem, TWF has actively promoted the development of a gender equality employment mechanism.

The federation has also regularly reported its opinions to relevant government departments, with the aim of building a favorable social environment for women.

Maintaining Equality under Law

Last year, some public security and traffic management departments in Tianjin advertised jobs as being for "men only" or "suitable for men".

In addition, their descriptions did not indicate why those positions were unsuitable for women. Therefore, their behavior was suspected of violating the Law on Employment Promotion of People's Republic of China and the Regulations on the Rights Protection of Women in Tianjin.

TWF joined forces with the Tianjin Working Committee for Children and Women , and sent letters of investigation to those departments, requesting that they check with relevant legislative authorities and withdraw the ads.

Later, some positions even received applications from female job hunters on the same day that changes were made.

Zhang Hongzhen, president of the women's federation in Tianjin's Xiqing District, contacted the Office of Legislative Affairs. In two days, she cooperated with 13 staffers and communicated the opinion of the women's federation.

Zhang and her group revised descriptions of 47 job positions which were reposted to the public.

Securing Employment

In addition, TWF has included prohibitions on gender discrimination regarding employment into the Regulations on the Protection of Women's Rights in Tianjin.

The Regulations state that: "Employers should offer equal employment opportunities and treatment for women employees, unless the role or job area is specifically exempted in the national law".

"No employer can raise recruitment standards for women or set recruitment requirements that are exclusionary for women. No employer can refuse to recruit women or limit the recruitment number based on factors to do with gender or excuses that relate to gender."

At the same time, the Regulations clearly state the procedure for complaints and rights protection methods for women.

Building System

TWF has produced a booklet on equal employment laws and regulations. It has also provided materials for the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau to use in professional training sessions.

These steps have helped administrative and law-enforcing departments at grassroots levels implement relevant laws and regulations, said officials.

Furthermore, the federation set up a regulation-learning system online for government leading officials. Some 90,000 officials were required to pass tests with regulations on women's employment rights protections.

TWF has also launched various legal publicity campaigns such as a public service hotline and a number of WeChat public accounts.

(Source: China Women’s News/ Translated and edited by Women of China)

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