Tibetan Traditional Crafts Cooperative Increases Villagers' Incomes

 July 14, 2020
Baguo, a member of a Tibetan ethnic crafts cooperative, weaves cloth in Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, on July 6. [Xinhua/Zhang Rufeng]


The professional ethnic craft cooperative in Zhaxilin Village, Jiru Township, Zhanang County, Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, has employed more than 20 local women from 18 impoverished households to weave and sell Tibetan ethnic women's aprons, also known as bangdian on a large scale, helping increase annual income by 20,000 (US $ 2,864) to 50,000 yuan (US $ 7,160) per family. 

The bangdian is a special symbol on Tibetan women's clothing. It is a kind of colorful, woolen fabric horizontally knitted, which is raw material for Tibetan robes. Later, it became a favorite adornment worn by Tibetan women at their waists, decorative and resistant to cold, and it has gradually become synonymous as a Tibetan apron. 

Ciwangquzhen, a member of the Tibetan ethnic crafts cooperative in Zhaxilin Village, Zhanang County, Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, weaves a Tibetan ethnic women's apron, on July 6. [Xinhua/Liu Hongming]


Quzhencuomu, a member of the crafts cooperative in Zhaxilin Village, Zhanang County, Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, ties silk threads used for weaving, on July 6. [Xinhua/Zhang Rufeng]


Yangzhen (L), head of the village-stationed working team in Zhaxilin Village, Wangzha (R), secretary of the Party branch of Zhaxilin Village, and Ciwangquzhen, a member of the village's crafts cooperative, check the quality of the product, on July 6. [Xinhua/Zhang Rufeng]


(Source: Xinhua/Translated and edited by Women of China)


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