Special Graduation Season amid COVID-19 Epidemic

Editor :Wang Liyan
Source :Xinhua
Special Graduation Season amid COVID-19 Epidemic()

Wurihan, a postgraduate student of the College of Geographical Sciences of Inner Mongolia Normal University, had imagined that her graduation would include talking all night with her classmates about their futures, sharing their stories of the past six months, taking group photos and turning the tassel. She also planned a graduation trip to Southwest China's Yunnan Province with good friends. But things go athwart; many of the plans didn't come true due to the Covid-19 epidemic.  

However, Wurihan still called on several returning students to put on their academic dresses for a graduation photo shoot. They made a campus tour to the places where they had lived and studied, including classrooms, laboratory, library, dormitory and canteen, bidding farewell to their beloved campus and acquiring unique graduation memories.

"The school is the place that every student wants to get back to. We discussed that we would have a long talk all night after being reunited under the same roof. But many of them didn't make it," she said.

As a class monitor, she returned to the school at the end of March to help deal with graduation affairs. When she was packing for her roommates, she found a hand-made photo album, which recorded the dribs and drabs of their dorm life and brought comfort to her as she sat alone in the empty room.

Wurihan kept in close touch with teachers and classmates, becoming the "liaison and errand runner" of the class. She shuttled between the printing room and the school gate, helping students who could not return to school print papers, fetching delivered goods or handling various affairs.  

"Being needed and trusted is my greatest reward. Although we can't see each other, our friendship is always there," Wurihan noted, adding that her teachers and classmates thanked her for her hard work and told her to take good care of herself.

"It won't be too far to see each other again, and we should struggle on our way and never forget this special summer," Wurihan said.


(Source: Xinhua/Translated and edited by Women of China)

June 26, 2020