Guangxi Makes Efforts to Win Battle Against Poverty

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Source :Xinhua
Guangxi Makes Efforts to Win Battle Against Poverty()

Guangxi, a key region in China's poverty-relief mission, has been making unremitting efforts to win the tough battle against poverty by securing employment of the poor population. Trying to get people employed has played a vital role in Guangxi's large-scale campaign to fight poverty, as it can lift the whole family out of poverty. It has proven the most effective and direct way to help shake off poverty. Additionally, it has shown that if people could work in a long term, intergenerational transmission of poverty can be effectively mitigated. In recent years, the regional government has given top priority to employment work by enacting more active employment policies, organizing vocational trainings, and improving services to support employment and entrepreneurs. These measures have ensured impoverished people's access to job opportunities and public services. Those poor people who have been relocated to more inhabitable areas are mostly living a stable life due to working. They are able to access to jobs thanks to vocational training services and job opportunities offered by poverty-relief workshops near resettlement sites. 


(Source: Xinhua)

August 3, 2020