Caring for Women Action

April 2, 2015  Editor: Kiki Liu

Helping women and children out, and striving for their well-being

To enforce the "Policy of Subsidized Microcredit Scheme" and "Action for Promoting Women's Entrepreneurship and Employment", carry out the "Action for Supporting Female College Graduates in Entrepreneurship", etc., and help women start their own business and/or find jobs.

To carry out projects such as "Free Breast and Cervical Screening", "Safety and Healthy Growth for Children" and "Health Express for Mothers" to improve women and children's health.

To bid for policy support and create favorable conditions so that the needs of women from various occupations could be met and served.

To carry out the "Spring Bud Program", the program of "Water Cellar for Mothers", etc. to serve the needs of special groups from among women and children.

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