Publicity Department

April 2, 2015  Editor: huangjuan

The Publicity Department of the All-China Woman's Federation is in charge of:

Publicizing the Party's guidelines and policies on women and families;

Surveying and researching women's ideology;

Enforcing women's ideological education; and

Guiding the establishment of the five-good civilized families and the family civilization project, and promoting the construction of family culture and virtue.

Associated with other related departments, the Publicity Department is also in charge of launching the construction of public civility, supervising the creation of female characters in the media and the publication of newspapers and periodicals under the ACWF.

The Publicity Department of the ACWF has other responsibilities which include choosing and commending national female trendsetters, female collectives, civilized families, and China's ten excellent women, and accomplishing work designated by the Ministry of Publicity, the Central Cultural Office, and the Press and Publication Bureau. In addition, Publicity Department is also responsible for guiding the work of the Family Culture Association of China and the Women's Newspapers and Periodicals Association.


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