Contemporary Art Steps into Xishiku

July 17, 2018  Editor: Xie Wen
A dancer performs against the background of a "moon". [China Daily]


The first Xishiku Arts n' Docs event was held at Jiusi in Xishiku, Beijing, on Saturday. More than 30 contemporary artists brought their works and interacted with community residents. The activity will last 101 days, ending on October 23. A total of 101 artists will be invited to the event in three phases, and 101 community families will take part in art creation.

The theme of the event is COMAN, a transliteration from the Chinese qiaomen, meaning "knock the door". The event is sponsored by TyroTenet Arts Club and art program MSTUDIO.


Artists create graffiti with residents at the Xishiku community. [China Daily]
 Residents at the Xishiku community attend activities during Xishiku Arts n' Docs.[China Daily]
Curator Zhang Bin (front, second from right) poses for a photo with community residents.[China Daily]


(Source: China Daily)

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