Young Chinese Artists Increasingly Drawn to Image Art

May 4, 2019  By Lin Qi  Editor: Ling Xiao

Image art has become popular among Chinese young artists. [For China Daily]

Image art, collections of photos and videos sometimes presented using virtual reality devices, has become a popular form among Chinese artists in their 20s, who are increasingly drawn to the method.
Where We Meet, an Art Beijing exhibition that concluded May 3 at the National Agricultural Exhibition Center, showcased young artists' explorations with image art.

Image art, with collections of photos and videos, often employs virtual reality devices. [For China Daily]


Featured artists belong to a generation of Chinese who grew up experiencing rapid urbanization and the excitement of a digital age.
Their works were characterized by a strong organizational ability of information and new technology. They built a new vocabulary, sophisticated, varied and light-hearted, in the realm of Chinese contemporary art.

One visitor is appreciating the beauty of image art. [For China Daily]



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