Discover Ancient Craftsmanship in E China's Kunshan

January 13, 2018  Editor: Chen Lu
Elder shoemakers wearing presbyopic glasses focus on making tiger-shoes for their grandchildren. [Photo provided to]


A group of craftsmen in Kunshan, an ancient water town in Jiangsu Province still keeps Chinese traditions to inherit the ancient craftsmanship. Tiger-head shoes, wood-carving, bamboo weaving and other items showcase the exquisite beauty of Chinese traditional handicrafts.

Embroidered shoes with bright colors and intricate patterns are traditional apparel for children in China symbolizing good wishes. On a warm winter day, grandmas wearing presbyopic glasses sit quietly and focus on making tiger-shoes for their grandchildren. The tiger-shoe is one of the country's traditional embroidered shoes, so named because the tips of the shoes are said to resemble the head of a tiger.

A pair of exquisite tiger-shoes [Photo provided to]
The ancient wine workshop gives out the fragrance of wine. [Photo provided to]
An experienced bamboo weaver at work. [Photo provided to]

(Source: China Daily)


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