Freckle Ad Sparks Beauty Standards Debate

February 23, 2019  By Zhang Xingjian  Editor: Lei Yang

3. White skin vs. Tanned skin

US singer Ariana Grande and Chinese actress Angelababy []


There is an old Chinese saying that goes "yi bai zhe san chou", which translates as "A white complexion is powerful enough to hide seven faults."

The expression offers an insight into Chinese beauty standards: beauty means white, fair skin.

White skin is a long-lived determinant of beauty in China, and dates back to time long past, as can be seen in ancient Chinese paintings and literature.

In the past, women with white skin were often raised in a wealthy and powerful families and easily won favor from their loved ones.

This trend is in sharp contrast to the other side of the world, as Western compulsions drift toward tanning. In their eyes, tanned, copper skin is the symbol of a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.

4. Slim figure vs. Plump figure

US diva Beyoncé and Chinese actress Dilraba Dilmurat []


Boasting a slender figure is something that most Chinese women want, as weight and body figure are an integral part of Chinese beauty standards.

Lots of women strictly control their diet in order to lose weight and keep themselves in the best shape. However, an extremely skinny figure is not the ideal type as most people think they represent an unhealthy state.

In the Western world, curvy women are part of the beauty standards. Quite a few western men find curvy women more appealing than the archetypal skinny model. Marilyn Monroe, Salma Hayek, Catherine Zeta Jones, Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian; each one a sex symbol.

5. Young, girly feature vs. Hot and mature feature

Zhao Liying from China, Aragaki Yui from Japan and Lim Yoon-A from South Korea enjoy high popularity in Asia, as they boast bright faces with warm smiles, which win them lots of male fans.

The three young celebrities to some degree represent Asia's beauty standards: women with cute, girly features. Most women in Asia try their best to stay young accordingly.

Unlike Chinese girls, Western girls think a more mature look shows independence and uniqueness. The superhero Wonder Woman is an ideal type for most.

As ties continue to grow between China and the West, it is inevitable that these beauty standards evolve. But one thing's for sure — no matter how you look, you are who you are, and that should be satisfaction enough.



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