Disney Releases Chinese Trailer for Upcoming Live Action Film Mulan

July 10, 2019  Editor: Wei Xuanyi



Walt Disney Pictures has released a Chinese language trailer for its upcoming live action feature film "Mulan," an adaption of the 1998 animated movie based on the Chinese legend.

Starring a number of Chinese actors and actresses, including Liu Yifei, Donnie Yen, Jet Li and Gong Li, the film tells of a young Chinese maiden disguising herself as a male warrior to perform military service instead of her father.

"Mulan" will hit theaters around the globe in March 2020, according to Walt Disney Pictures, the film's production company.

The trailer also offers an intriguing peek at Fujian tulou, rural dwellings unique to certain parts of southeast China dating back to ancient times.


(Source: China Daily)

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