Exhibition Brings Ancient Chinese Sports to Life

August 9, 2019  Editor: Ling Xiao

A child looks at sculptures portraying chuiwan, an ancient Chinese ball game, at an exhibition in Taiyuan Art Museum in Taiyuan, capital of North China's Shanxi Province, on August 6, 2019. Chuiwan was played in the open air, quite similar to modern golf. People won the game by kicking the ball into holes with flags. Through ancient murals and modern sculptures, the exhibition titled Sports Elements in Ancient Frescoes in Shanxi shows a diverse array of ancient sports. [Chinanews.com]


A sculpture portraying an ancient Chinese man playing kongzhu, or diabolo [Chinanews.com]


A set of sculptures portraying touhu, an ancient Chinese game of throwing arrows into wine pitchers [Chinanews.com]


A sculpture portraying an ancient man standing on a horse [Chinanews.com]


A sculpture portraying an ancient sportsman lifting an elephant [Chinanews.com]


(Source: chinadaily.com.cn)

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