Short Film on Nanjing Massacre by Post-90s Chinese Girl Wins Emmy

December 14, 2017  Editor: Yulanda Wang

A short film about the Nanjing Massacre directed by Luo Yiyun, a post-90s Chinese woman, won the International Emmy Award ahead of China's National Memorial Day for Nanjing Massacre Victims, the Beijing News reported on Dec. 13.
The short film was made in memory of Minnie Vautrin, an American missionary, diarist, educator, and president of Ginling College, who saved 10,000 refugees in Nanjing during the massacre in China.
The leading character in the film, a Chinese girl in her 20s, makes preparations to do voluntary work in war-torn Iraq, embodying the image of Minnie Vautrin, who came to China as a volunteer at about the same age.
The idea for the film came from the personal experiences of Luo's grandma, who was one of the Chinese refugees saved by the woman peacemaker during the massacre, according to Luo.
Vautrin, as an important witness of the massacre, wrote down her experience in a diary, which later became important evidence to show Japanese invaders' crimes in the massacre.
Luo noted that the film was made to remind Chinese people not to forget the national humiliation and to continue to forge ahead.

(Source: People's Daily)

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