China Releases Movie Co-produced by BRICS Countries

July 4, 2018  Editor: Xie Wen
China Releases Movie Co-produced by BRICS Countries
Liu Yulin (R) speaks at the press conference. [Xinhua]


Leading Chinese director Jia Zhangke held a press conference in Shanghai on June 17 to promote the latest film, Half the Sky, co-produced with film-makers from the five BRICS countries.

The feature is made up of five short films shot by female directors, including Daniela Thomas from Brazil; Elizabeth Stichova of Russia; Indian director Ashvini Jer Tiwari; Sarah Brecher from South Africa; and, Chinese director Liu Yulin.

The stories all focus on the theme of contemporary women's emotions and the society, shown from a range of different perspectives.

The Brazilian film Homecoming tells the story of a daughter who has lived in the city but returns to the countryside to reach a reconciliation with her mother.

The Russian part, Online Lovers, focuses on the emotions of rural women.

The South African film Sex Question portrays the story of a female athlete who has been questioned about gender after achieving good results.

Meanwhile, the Chinese film Dumpling explores the relationship between a mother and daughter who are caught between tradition and modernity.

Indian director Nitesh Tiwari, who directed the biographical sports drama hit Dangal in 2016, was also scriptwriter of the Indian short film Mother's Holiday.

Half the Sky will be released across the country later this year.

China Releases Movie Co-produced by BRICS Countries
Jia Zhangke speaks at the press conference. [Xinhua]


(Source: Xinhua/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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