Yi People's Traditional Costumes Show in Shanghai

December 22, 2017  Editor: Yulanda Wang


A traditional costumes show of the Yi People in Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture located in central Yunnan Province of China took place in the Shanghai Grand Theater on the night of December 18.

The local government of Chuxiong wants more people in other places to see their unique traditional clothing.

EthnicYi embroidery is a major feature of their costumes. The Yi people are hardworking, intelligent and love life and ethnic Yi women start to learn the embroidery skills from elders when they are very young and personally sew the wedding dress.

On the fifteenth day of the first lunar month every year, the Yi villagers hold a grand traditional Yi costume competition, which has been inherited for 1,351 years and aroused great concern at home and abroad.

The show in Shanghai has been on for three times in three days. In addition to the traditional, modern and future clothing, the Yi people also brought distinct songs and dance.

(Source: Eastday)

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