SE Asia Vlogger Ranks China 'Most Liveable Country'

September 8, 2017  Editor: Alice Shang

China might be the world's easiest place to live in, according to an Indonesian traveler and video blogger who recently visited the country.

Syifa Adriana, 25, started going on solo travel trips four years ago. She has already been to Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. This year, her destination was China.

Her route took her all over the nation from north to south, visiting Beijing, Shanghai, Yunnan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Ningxia along the way.

She said that everywhere is safe for single female travelers in her experience.

She was also impressed by the high social status enjoyed by Chinese women, and noticed that there are many female drivers in the country.

As she traveled, she also mentioned numerous points that contrasted with the image of the country as portrayed by Western reporters.

She said that Chinese food is tasty, and even joked that she was still healthy – shaking off the frightening effects of food safety rumors.

Furthermore, she mentioned that Chinese malls are not all filled with low-price or low-quality goods.

To see these differences, she suggested that anyone with an interest in China should travel there themselves and choose some second- or third-tier cities where they can experience a more diversified culture.

She noticed the increasingly convenient transport options in the country with the emergence of bike sharing schemes; and the fast online pay tools like WeChat Payment and Alipay.

(Source: and edited by Women of China)

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