CWU Holds Training Course for Probationary Members

December 27, 2017  Editor: Candy Liao
CWU Holds Training Course for Probationary Members


China Women's University (CWU) held a training course for probationary Party members on December 20, in order to carry forward the spirit of 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and president Xi Jinping's thoughts on the socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, as well as, strengthen their mastery of Party spirit.

More than 140 probationary Party members participated in the event which themed the youths' mission and responsibility in the new era. The university invited professors from the CPC Party School and Zhang Shuning, the secretary of the Youth League Committee of Xinhua News Agency, to make speeches during the session.

Zhang made a speech named president Xi Jinping and the youths. From the perspective of president Xi's kindness, thoughtfulness, trust, expectations and profound influence on the youths,  Zhang displayed a large number of first-hand pictures and videos, vividly narrated president Xi's years of educated youth and his grow process, as well as, expressed president Xi's earnest expectations and requirement for the young people.

Zhang Yong, an associate professor from Beijing Municipal Party School, was invited to give a lecture on President Xi's remarks at the 6th Plenary Session of the CPC Central Committee.


CWU Holds Training Course for Probationary Members


Zhang Yong talked about his understanding of President Xi's keynote speeches and highlighted two documents on discipline as approved by senior Party leaders at the session, including specifications on the "norms of political life within the Party under the new situation," and a regulation on "intra-Party supervision".

Ren Cuiru, secretary of the Organization Department of CWU's Party Committee, urged the Party members at all levels to act consistently to follow the leadership of the CPC Central Committee and fully study the keynote speeches made by president Xi.

Party members are also expected to strengthen and regulate intra-Party political life, firmly follow what the CPC Central Committee advocates, implement what the CPC Central Committee decides and build a clean and righteous political and academic environment, organizers said.


CWU Holds Training Course for Probationary Members


As we all know that the wiser the youths are, the wealthier the nation will be, the stronger the youths are, the stronger the nation will be, the organizers hoped the young Party members could shoulder the new mission and responsibility, strengthen their ideals and beliefs, keep their feet firmly on the ground, continue to broaden their horizons and write a song of youth with Chinese characteristic socialism in a new era.


CWU Holds Training Course for Probationary Members


(Source: China Women's University/Translated and Edited by Gender Study Network)

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