CWU Listed as Model Unit for Financial Aid for Impoverished Students

May 7, 2018  Editor: Liu Yang

China Women's University (CWU) has been listed as one of nationwide model departments in the distribution of financial aid to impoverished students.

Being launched by the National Center for Student Financial Aid, affiliated to China's Ministry of Education, the project aims to promote advanced practices and experiences in extending financial aid to targeted students and improve the level of relevant work across the entire country.

Wu Tangyan, an assistant director of CWU's Student Affairs Office, was selected as a model figure at the same time.

CWU has always attached importance to the work of providing financial aid to poverty-stricken students and made a closer observance of relevant national policies, as well as regulations, over the past decades.

Apart from ensuring the 100 percent coverage of impoverished students under various financial aid schemes, CWU has also been engaged in nurturing their skills and competence in innovation, employment, internships and other requirements for their self-improvement in normal curricular activities.

According to CWU's officials, the University will beef up its poverty relief efforts towards targeted students and come up with specified programs to better meet their needs in the process of providing financial aid in future.

(Source: China Women's University/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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