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February 8, 2018  By Ye Shan  Editor: Yang Peng
Press Conference of the 19th National Congress [Xinhua]


The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), held in Beijing from October 18-24, 2017, was a "global event" that impressed the world with its "openness" to media outlets from various countries, according to a report by Xinhua News Agency. Many foreign journalists shared their views, during the congress, about the grand blueprint drawn by the CPC for the progress of the Chinese nation. The journalists also spoke of the great achievements China has made during the past five years.

More than 3,000 journalists covered the 19th CPC National Congress. Of those journalists, 1,818 were from foreign media outlets or media outlets in China's Taiwan and the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macao. The foreign journalists were from 134 countries, Xinhua reported.

The congress, a significant event that mapped out the direction for China to reach a promising future, caught the attention of media outlets from all around the world. World-famous media companies, including BBC, CNN, Reuters and Bloomberg News, covered the congress, China Daily reported. The focus of foreign media's reports included the congress' impact on international affairs, such as the global economy and China's diplomatic relations with other countries.

Abdulwaheed Odusile, head of Nigeria's association of journalists, told Xinhua two TV news crews and two newspapers teams from his country registered to report on the congress. "China and Nigeria are becoming increasingly close, and China has helped a lot with the construction work in our country. So, of course, we should come to cover such an important event," he said. The journalist added the congress offered him great opportunities to communicate with journalists from China and other countries.

Nikolay Selishchev, with Russia's TASS news agency, used the word "brilliant" to describe the report given by Chinese President Xi Jinping during the congress' opening ceremony. He said he was most interested in the congress' discussions related to the "economy, anti-corruption measures, development of aerospace technology and army modernization."

Andrey Kirillov, chief of TASS news agency's bureau in Beijing, highlighted China's increasingly important role in international affairs, especially in the economic and political fields. Changes in China's approach to economic development, as well as the changes in society, poverty relief and the formation of CPC's new leadership, were all issues of great importance, he said.

Kirsty Needham, with Sydney Morning Herald, told Xinhua she was most interested in Xi's vision of China's interactions with the rest of the world. "I think it is very important for China to continue to open up its market, and to access foreign investments," she said.

Ana Goguadze, a Sinologist from Georgia, and also the founder and president of the Georgian-Sino media platform, SINOMEDIA, said China "showed its power and humanity" when it opened its doors to the world. "I think we all want to see how far China can go. Everyone agrees that the country with the great past is becoming stronger and stronger," said Goguadze.

Yuksel Mansur Kilinc, with Turkish radio station, Yon Radyo 96.6, and Watanabe Yasuhito, with Japan's Kyodo News, both agreed the openness of the congress demonstrated the confidence of both China and its ruling Party. Watanabe added the congress offered many opportunities for journalists to hear the voices of grass-roots CPC members.

Tom Orlik, Bloomberg's chief economist specializing in studies on Asian economies, used the word "positive" to describe people's impression of China, especially in terms of the country's achievements in its reform and development.

Singapore's leading media outlet,, mentioned the congress would have an impact on the future of both regional and global development, especially regarding economic and political issues. The Singaporean media outlet reported China's leadership, during the past five years, has offered new approaches for countries around the world to solve cross-regional problems.

David Lipton, First Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, told Euronews that both the Chinese Government and the Chinese people have made great progress in the country's economic transformation.

Zhang Xixian, a professor with the Party School of the Central Committee of CPC, shared his opinion of why the congress drew so much global attention. "China's contributions to the growth of the world's economy and the country's power in leading development, on the global stage, are on the rise. The 19th National Congress of the CPC was an event open and transparent to the world, and an event that would accept acclaim and criticism at the same time," Zhang said. He said he believed that "openness" will have a major impact on the world.

(Source: Women of China English Monthly November 2017 Issue)

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