Children's Program Host Anchors Cultural Talk Shows

April 12, 2019  By Li Wenjie  Editor: Wei Xuanyi
Children's Program Host Anchors Cultural Talk Shows
Ju Ping {Photo provided to Women of China]


The second season of Thanks My Family, a talk show, has been broadcast on the International Channel of China Central Television (CCTV) weekly since January 5. Descendants of eminent families have been invited to talk about their family traditions, and about their inheritance of family culture. To viewers' surprise, the host of the program is Ju Ping, well-known for hosting children's programs for 35 years, and commonly referred to as "Sister Ju Ping."

Modest, Responsible

Ju became the first host of CCTV children's programs in 1984. Known for her short hair, warm smile and sweet voice, Ju has long been regarded as an intimate sister by generations of Chinese children.

Thanks My Family marks the first time Ju has hosted a cultural talk show. "My major is early childhood education. Facing the well- learned guests from various fields, I was afraid that I failed to communicate smoothly with them during the program," Ju says.

To adapt to her new role, Ju has tried her best to enrich her knowledge. "After I received the name list of the guests, I searched information online and communicated in advance with the director of the program," she says.

Ju is modest and amiable, and she never pretends to know professional knowledge for which she is unfamiliar. Each time guests arrive, she meets them and says, "If I say something wrong when we record the program, please forgive me. I will try again in a correct way."

Ju may be a beginner, in terms of academic and historical knowledge, in the fields in which the guests excel, but she is good at telling and listening to stories. "I think I am a dedicated listener. I listen to the stories of the guests, and I feel the stories with my heart. I laugh, and I also shed tears when I am touched. I don't care whether I am good looking or not in the camera," Ju says.

For example, Ju shed tears when she was touched by the story of artist and educator Chang Shana and her father, Chang Shuhong, in protecting and promoting Dunhuang culture. "The development of Dunhuang culture cannot do without their devotion," Ju says.

She helps take care of the guests during recording of the program. "If the senior guests' long underwear pants appear when they are seated on the stage, I will squat down to adjust it for them. If some guests are not familiar with where they should go and stand on the stage, I will help them find their correct positions," Ju says.

Before the recording of one episode, Ju caught a cold and lost her voice, but she finished the recording on schedule. She dubbed the episode after she recovered. It was a piece of cake for her. "I have dubbed many animations. That is one of my skills," she says.

It takes two hours to record an interview. Ju usually interviews five to six guests a day. "Having good physical strength is important for a host. I feel honored that I have found another possibility in my life through hosting this program," the 53-year-old hostess says.

Parents' Love Makes Life 'Wealthy'

Ju is kind, modest, diligent and easy-going in the eyes of her viewers and colleagues. Her family has had a positive impact on her, especially in terms of the formation of her personality. Her father, Ju Hong'en, has had the greatest influence on her.

Ju Hong'en used to be a solider. In 1964, he participated in the construction of Jingxi Hotel, in Beijing. He was in charge of the catering and financial management work at the hotel. Her father taught her to be disciplined, and to keep a low profile.

Her family was not well -off when she was young. Her parents taught her and her brother, who was eight years her senior, to live a frugal life, and have a do-it-yourself mindset. She and her brother learned how to cook and sew when they were young. Influenced by her family, Ju Ping has been living a thrifty life.

Her parents' love made her feel "wealthy." Her father was humorous and open -minded. Her mother, Wang Yuefen, always gives her children unconditional love. Ju Ping still remembers how her mother bought cloth and made a beautiful dress for her before she went to Manila, the Philippines, to attend an international chorus festival. Ju Ping was 17 at that time.

Ju Ping got married in 1989. After that, her family developed the tradition of taking family photos each year. "My father passed away five years ago. We get together regularly to accompany our mother. The family tradition of taking family photos will continue," Ju Ping says.

Under her influence, her son, Jiang Yiyao, has grown into a good, young man. "Accompanying my family members is the most important thing in my life." Ju Ping says.

Spreading Patriotism, Warmth of Family

Ju Ping has a deep understanding of family tradition, and of family education. "A person's personality shapes who he/she is in the future, and his/her personality is shaped in the family atmosphere. Parents' words and behavior will influence their children. In the majority of Chinese families, mothers generally spend more time accompanying children than fathers do, so mothers have more impact on their children. People hope their children can live a happy life and have a good mindset. Mothers should set a good example for children," Ju Ping says.

"Fathers also play an indispensable role in family education. A smart mother pursues her own career and respects the way that the father helps raise the child. Parents should be good friends of their children, and let their children be proud of them," Ju Ping says.

The family stories of the guests of the program impress Ju Ping. Coloratura soprano and playwright Wu Shuang says her father, Wu Zuguang (1917-2003, a famous playwright), was optimistic, and he liked saying "that was lovely." Actor Qin Pei says people should speak out their love, so their family members can feel their love. Shen Weining, grandson of Mao Dun (1896-1981, a famous writer), says Mao never spanked him. Philanthropist Yuesai Kan says her father encouraged her to do her best to make achievements. Wang Shihua says the first sentence of her husband, Wang Jicai (1960-2018, border guard of an island in East China's Jiangsu Province), in the morning was "getting up and raising the national flag." Ju Ping hopes patriotism and family traditions will influence more people, especially the younger generations.

Ju Ping used to receive numerous letters from children, and the letters filled up more than 60 bags. At present, she has fans of a broader age range. "So, I must be stricter with myself. The viewers like me and recognize me, and they give me so much love," Ju Ping says.

Ju Ping was honored as one of the National March 8th Red-banner Holders in 2016. She attended the 12th National Women's Congress in 2018, as the only representative of Central Radio and Television Station, and she was elected a member of the Standing Committee of the All-China Women's Federation. "It is really my honor to receive such an honorary title and identity. In the future, I will pay more attention to women's requirements, and I will help them solve practical difficulties, and I will also do my part to promote family education and family virtues," Ju Ping says.

Children's Program Host Anchors Cultural Talk Shows

Poster for the program, Thanks My Family. [Photo provided to Women of China]

Children's Program Host Anchors Cultural Talk Shows

Ju Ping (second from left) and her colleagues. [Photo provided to Women of China]

Children's Program Host Anchors Cultural Talk Shows

Letters received by Ju Ping [Photo provided to Women of China]


(Women of China English Monthly March 2019 issue)

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