Shaanxi Makes Large Strides in Preschool Education Development

October 16, 2018  Editor: Liu Yang

Northwest China's Shaanxi Province has rolled out various actions and measures to spur the robust growth of its preschool education and better meet the public's relevant demands over the past few years.

Local governments have injected roughly 108 million yuan to support the development of 1,297 high-quality private kindergartens and expand their coverage amongst target children since 2011.

These non-governmental kindergartens have now become an important and indispensable component of the province's preschool education.

As of the end of last year, the province had a total of 7,810 kindergartens, which served over 1.45 million children in total. Both the numbers of preschool institutes and enrolled students saw remarkable growth when compared with 2010.

The district of Huyi in the city of Xi'an is an epitome of the entire region's noticeable development of preschool education. It has already realized the target of building a township-level kindergarten and two village-level kindergartens, which are under the financial coverage of budgets, in each township.

According to officials, the province will build or renovate public kindergartens and financially support the development of qualified private preschool institutes in the following three years.

Meanwhile, Shaanxi has attached equal importance to boosting the qualities and competence of teaching staff in local kindergartens, especially those in rural areas, and addressing the imbalanced distribution of preschool education resources.

Local educational departments have organized regular recruitment examinations, encouraged the mobility of teaching staff and cooperation between urban kindergartens and their rural counterparts, and employed provisional forces to solve the shortage of teaching forces and the unequal distribution of preschool education resources.

In addition, the region has trained more highly-qualified preschool teachers during the past several years.

(Source: People's Daily/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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