E China's Court Introduces Questionnaire to Halt Impulse Applications for Divorce

July 2, 2018  Editor: Liu Yang

A district court in east China's Shandong Province has come up with a targeted questionnaire to measure the scale of marriage crises in a drive to help divorcing couples think calmly before making the final decision to end their marriage.

The innovative approach was put into use for the first time when Liu Ping, an assistant judge in Wendeng District People's Court in the city of Weihai, greeted a divorcing couple this March.

Liu presented the questionnaire to them and found that they scored relatively low. She thus provided them with psychological counseling services and later persuaded them to drop their request for a divorce.

Drawing upon this success, Liu and her colleagues have taken personal values, sense of happiness, habits, and problem-solving capacities into account when perfecting the questionnaire in a move to better uncover the main factors contributing to marriage failure.

In addition, it has appointed an experienced judge with a strong sense of responsibility, along with two jurors and one psychological consultant, to hear the trials of divorce applications.

According to Liu Meiling, the director in charge of the trial of domestic affairs, such a questionnaire has boosted the efficiency of relevant hearings, encouraged involved couples to reevaluate the importance of marriage integrity and reflect on their personal responses in case of disputes between them, and helped them to better realize the negative effects on children brought by impulsive attempts to terminate marriage.

Apart from employing a cooling-off period, the court has worked closely with local departments of civil affairs, education, public security, justice, and procurorates and women's federations in a bid to curb the rising trend of divorce amongst locals.

So far, 12 couples have finished the questionnaire and received satisfactory results in the process.

Thanks to the reform of the trial of domestic affairs, as many as 85.3 percent of involved parties have agreed to withdraw their lawsuits over the past few months. Meanwhile, 96.2 percent of cases brought to the court have been settled completely.

(Source: Legal Daily/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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