SW China City Builds over 900 Parents' Schools to Promote Family Education

October 31, 2018  Editor: Liu Yang

Kunming, a city in southwest China's Yunnan Province, has built over 900 parents' schools, to promote the scientific ways of family education, a cadre with Kunming Women's Federation (KWF) recently told media.

More specifically, 564 parents' schools have been established in local residential communities, and 357 such schools have been set up in the city's administrative villages.

In addition, 155 service centers have been founded in local sub-district offices. The centers employ psychologists, educators and social workers to offer advice to parents on how to educate their children well. So far, parents' schools have been established in over 95 percent of the residential communities in Kunming's urban areas.

Meanwhile, with the support of Kunming Society of Family Education and local media outlets, KWF has held many educational campaigns and programs, both online and offline, to disseminate information about good family education methods and advocate parent-child reading among the public.

Figures show that the city has organized over 180 public events to lecture locals on family education and trained over 500 teachers on relevant topics. Moreover, KWF has conducted various activities to promote family virtues and good family traditions, and to popularize information about laws and regulations, especially those pertaining to the protection of women and children's legal rights and interests, such as China's Law Against Domestic Violence.

(Source: China Women's News / Translated and edited by Women of China)

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