40 Couples Reaffirm Vows at Ancient-style Marriage Ceremony in S China's Guangdong

December 26, 2018  Editor: Wang Qian
New couples attend the event dressed in traditional wedding clothes [Guangzhou Daily] 


Organizers in Guangzhou, south China's Guangdong Province, held an ancient-style wedding ceremony in a cultural square in Xihe Village in the city's Conghua District, on December 16.

The event was jointly run by the city's civil affairs bureau, the local women's federation and the government of Conghua. 

Forty couples participated in the wedding ceremony dressed in Chinese traditional marriage clothes. Half of the couples were newlyweds, while the rest of them were celebrating their silver or golden anniversaries. 

At the ceremony, the 20 newlywed couples bowed to each other and the bridegrooms lifted the red veil of their brides respectively, matching the traditional rituals.  

The rest of the couples also bowed to each other to mark the years they had spent together and remedy the regret that they did not organize a wedding ceremony in the past. 

Chinese bride Bi Lizhen and her French husband was the only transnational couple at the ceremony. Both the couple were hoping to learn how to better get along with each other through the traditional Chinese wedding event. 

"One day before the wedding ceremony, a senior couple celebrating their golden anniversary introduced to us their four marital stages with four photo albums, which enlightened us greatly in the change of roles in marriage," said Bi. 

Lin Meichan, 85, and Li Liangdi, 87, walked slowly hand in hand on the red carpet. They have been married for 62 years. 

Lin recalled the day after their new marriage, they returned to their own village respectively to work. They could only see each other every one or two months because of the distance between their villages. 

In spite of that, they understood and respected each other. Now, they still love each other as if they were a new couple. They even held hands tightly on their way to have tea in the morning. 

Organizers also prepared 20 types of traditional dishes, each carrying implied meanings. For example, rice implies that the couple will have ample food and clothing. A circle-shaped dessert means that the couple will lead a happy life forever. 

Objects common in wedding ceremonies in the 80s and 90s, including a sewing machine, washbasin, radio and flashlight, were also on display at the gathering. 

(Source: Guangzhou Daily/Translated and edited by Women of China

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