China Presents Action Plans for Women, Children's Health

May 29, 2018  Editor: Wang Yue

China implemented the Mother-Infant Safety Action Plan and the Healthy Kids Action Plan this year, aiming to ensure the safety of mothers and infants and encourage children's healthy growth.

The goal of the first plan is to reduce maternal mortality ratios (MMR) to 18 per 100,000 and infant mortality rates (IMR) to 0.75 percent by 2020.

The plan includes five main parts: prevention of pregnancy risks, treatment of severe emergency diseases, quality and safety promotion, capability development of specialists and the provision of convenient, quality services.

The plan aims to urge medical institutions to fully implement the series of recommendations on maternal and child safety protection; improve medical and  healthcare services throughout pregnancies; strengthen the quality and safety of medical institutions; and, enhance the ability of pediatric services.

The Healthy Kids Action Plan also outlined several specific goals to achieve by 2020.

First, the children's health service system covering both urban and rural areas should be further improved. The IMR should be reduced to 0.75 percent while the mortality rate for child under five should be reduced to 0.95 percent and the proportion of infants under six months that are exclusively breastfed should reach 50 percent.

The prevalence rates of anemia, growth retardation and malnutrition in children under five should be reduced to below 12 percent, seven percent and five percent, respectively.

Furthermore, the immunization coverage rate of the national immunization program should reach 90 percent in towns and the national screening of diseases of newborn babies must be enlarged.

The enlarged screening program involves eight main fields: child health promotion, the safety of newborn babies, the comprehensive prevention and treatment of birth defects, early childhood development, child nutrition improvement, prevention and treatment of children's key diseases and technological innovation in children's health.

The two action plans are the main parts of maternal and child safety work and they complement each other for better ensuring women and children's safety, said officials.

By implementing the action plans, medical institutions and related departments can effectively ensure safety and promote children's healthy development.

(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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