Women's Federation Promotes Free Medical Consultations in SW China

September 25, 2018  Editor: Wang Yue

Yunyang Women's Federation (YWF) and Yunyang Maternity and Child Health Hospital, both in southwest China's Chongqing, jointly carried out a voluntary activity on August 10 to provide free medical consultations to women and children.

Officials from relevant departments and leaders from some local Party organizations also attended the event.

At the press conference, YWF publicized several public welfare projects, involving free medical consultations, marriage and family counseling and guidance on family education.

Later, officials of co-construction organizations carried out six volunteer activities to help establish harmonious communities.

The activities were targeted on topics such as building civilized communities, keeping a clean environment, helping physically-impaired people, organizing diverse teaching activities, offering healthcare services and building an inclusive financial system.

As part of the event series, medical staff of the county-level Maternity and Child Health Hospital, along with women volunteers, provided free breast cancer screening and health exams for over 50 women and children.

Organizers also disseminated health knowledge to the public so as to effectively strengthen their awareness of health exams and illness prevention.

The event aimed to make full use of the exemplary role of incumbent Party members and mass organizations in serving citizens and constantly strengthening Party organizations' political and service functions so as to raise women and children's health level, said officials.

(Source: Chongqing Women's Federation/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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