3 Women's Federations in N China Join Efforts to Safeguard Women's Rights

March 17, 2017  By Zhang Yuan  Editor: Rong Chen
[Women of China/Zhang Yuan]


Women's federations in north China's Beijing, Tianjin and Heibei Province jointly organized an event on March 14 in the capital to promote the safeguarding of women's rights.

At the event, officials from the three federations pledged to take the initiative in boosting integrated and coordinated development across the regions.

The organizers said they aim to establish a linking mechanism in response to women's rights protection in future. They also expect to launch an interactive scheme after compiling complementary resources and deepening cooperation.

Moreover, the federations staged an art show at the event under the theme of “Promoting China's legal knowledge among women.”

Beijing Women's Federation Initiatives

To better protect women's rights and interests, Beijing Women's Federation has taken an active role in integrating social resources and improving the working scheme of rights protection with multiple departments, explained officials.

The departments the federation has collaborated with include the local procurator's offices, courts, and bureaus of public security, justice, and civil affairs.

In addition to rights protection, the federation has also cooperated on launching a special collegial panel and an appeals channel for women to help them with marital issues and legal assistance.

To coincide with the 7th Five-Year (2016-2020) Plan for Legal Knowledge Popularization, six groups of volunteers have provided consultations, given legal assistance, organized media promotion and held psychological counseling.

These events have been organized with the leadership of the local Legal Advocacy Office, Justice Bureau, Association of Women Judges, Association of Women Prosecutors and a psychological training school.

Meanwhile, officials also held a formal flag-passing ritual to a volunteer group during the session.

Community Service in Daxing District

The women's federation in the Daxing District of Beijing has explored innovative approaches in offering extensive services to local citizens, a spokesperson stressed.

Officials have combined efforts from government departments and social groups in carrying out a variety of popular activities among women. This year's initiatives will extend to serve more communities at the grassroots level, the official added.

On behalf of volunteers, Yao Bo, a broadcaster at Beijing Traffic Radio, made a proposal calling for more respect towards women, and to safeguard their rights.

Moreover, regional federations brought organized further art shows to promote legal knowledge.

Officials in attendance at the launch included Gao Shawei, head of the Department of Women's Rights and Interests of the All-China Women's Federation; Chang Hongyan, vice-president of Beijing Women's Federation; Sun Chaomei, vice-director of the Rule of Law Publicity and Education Group Office in Beijing and the Justice Bureau; and, Wang Youguo, vice-secretary of the Daxing District Committee.



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