Ministry of Civil Affairs Releases Latest Proposals on Childcare Homes

March 5, 2018  Editor: Qiao Ziyu

China's Ministry of Civil Affairs recently published a draft for public opinion relating to childcare issues in welfare institutions across the country.

The ministry published the management regulation proposals on February 23, noting that special security systems should be established in such institutions.

The draft further stipulates that five categories of minors under 18 can be accepted by such institutions including: those unable to identify their parents or guardians; those whose parents have died and who are without any legal guardians; those whose parents do not have custody ability and who have no legal guardians; those who are under the custody of the ministry appointed by the People's Court; and, those who are under the custody of the ministry according to the law.

The draft says that IDs and relative support documents should be stored when institutions accept children. For example, if they are abandoned, institutions should save the report certificate issued by the public security authorities which confirms that their parents or other guardians could not be found.

In order to strengthen the security management in those institutions, a safety responsibility system should be established, and comprehensive 24-hour monitoring should be in place.

Furthermore, all surveillance videos should be kept for no less than three months, and storage media containing special and important information should be archived.

The draft also urges institutions to set up a duty patrol system, and staff on duty should pay much attention to those children with special conditions during shift change.

In addition, the draft stipulates that institutions divide children's living areas according to gender; carry out physical examinations regularly; guarantee those who meet school entrance requirements receive compulsory education; and make sure those who meet special school entrance requirements accept special education.

(Source: Xinhua/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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