New Rights Protection Project Starts in Shanghai

April 27, 2018  Editor: Wang Yue
New Rights Protection Project Starts in Shanghai
The foundation of the coordination station [Women Voice]


Shanghai Changning District held a special meeting to start a new round of women and children's rights protection programs on January 26 and founded a coordination station focusing on household affairs.

"As both a supplement of the functions of 'women's family' and grass-roots integrated management center, it is a new way for multiple departments to jointly dissolve family disputes," said Zhang Lei, member of the Standing Committee of the Changning District Party Committee and secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee.

When talking about how to develop the coordination station, Zhang said, "We should correctly master the relationships among family and society, rights protection and safety, rule of virtue and rule of law. All parts should work together and support each other."

"Changning District has contributed a lot to the protection of women and children's rights and interests, and I hope that Changning Women's Federation can develop the rights protection bases and teams will make more contributions," said Huang Zhiying, director-general of the Rights Protection Department of Shanghai Women's Federation.

During the meeting, Changning District Women's Federation President Wang Xiuhong summarized the experiences and achievements of the third round project of "devoted mothers" and the Director of the Complaints Office Lü Suning arranged a new round of the project.

Wang Weiqin, vice president of Shanghai Changning District Women's Federation, deployed work for the coordination station to better protect women and children's rights and interests.

(Source: Women Voice/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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