Shanghai Women's Federation Protects Rights of Vulnerable Groups

July 10, 2018  Editor: Wang Yue

Shanghai Women's Federation (SWF) has made many achievements in the past five years in protecting women and children's legal rights and interests, say officials.

During that time, SWF has established a working mechanism for preventing and resolving the marriage and family disputes with the cooperation of other five departments; set up 19 collegial panels for protecting women and children's rights; carried out anti-domestic violence laws; and, built a multi-sectoral linkage mechanism to curb domestic violence.

Two particular cases stand out among many examples.

First, a mother named Xiaohua, who had a baby that was suffering from a rare inherited metabolic disease, decided to get a divorce from her husband, so she turned to SWF for urgent help.

After receiving her appeal, SWF's Rights and Interests Department conveyed the case to Putuo District Women's Federation in the city and staff members appointed a task force to investigate the related situation from the couple's employers, community and hospitals.

Besides, the women's federation appointed Pan Xiaojing, a staff member of Putuo District Working Committee on Women and Children, as a representative of child rights to participate in the divorce proceeding and protect the baby's legal rights.

With the help of the federation, the court awarded custody of the child to Xiaohua and requested her husband to pay 3,000 yuan a month towards the girl's upkeep. Some 100,000 yuan of joint deposits were also used for the baby girl's medical costs.

It was the first time a court had invited a staff member of the Working Committee as a representative of child rights to participate in a divorce case independently and strive for the protection of a child's legal rights.

In another case, a woman surname Wang lost her only son eight years ago. She had grown depressed and had neglected her health since that time. SWF staff members took various measures to help her and employed volunteers to communicate with her each month. With their consistent efforts, the woman has made good improvements.

In past five years, women's federations at all levels have devoted themselves to serving and taking care of vulnerable groups, and, millions citizens and over 600,000 families have benefited from their services.

(Source: Women Voice/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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