Women's Federation Reform Strengthens Foundations in SE China

September 6, 2017  Editor: Alice Shang

The women's federation in the city of Xinyu, southeast China's Jiangxi Province, held a press conference on August 30 to release its latest reform agenda report.

The federation specified several reform measures based on the principles of consistency and practice, aimed at improving the coverage of the women's federation in municipal Party committee departments, work units, enterprises and institutions.

For those work units with more than three female employees, a special committee should be set up, according to the guidelines. Those with fewer than three should establish a women's group.

In addition, the federation will build a practice base for female college students.

The base will offer professional guidance in different positions in an effort to pave the way for women's growth and to train recruits with potential for joining the federation.

Thirdly, the federation will prioritize developing distinctive native embroidery and housekeeping services to improve women's entrepreneurship and employment opportunities.

Taking advantage of the nationally-promoted "Internet plus" scheme, the federation will offer online courses on how to start businesses.

Furthermore, the federation will establish a specialized center providing services for women entrepreneurs.

In addition, the organization clearly indicated the responsibilities of officials in different occupations.

Every standing committee member should contact two to three executive committees and every executive committee should contact three to five women representatives.

Women representatives should give their advice after making an investigation; give feedback; and, undergo volunteer work.

Lastly, the organization reported on its source of funds. The local treasury is responsible for expense paid to those female university students carrying out internships.

Women's federations in Xinyu at different levels are funded by their corresponding treasuries.

(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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