E China City Announces Latest Measures to Benefit Women, Children

January 29, 2018  Editor: Yang Lu

Officials in Nanjing, east China's Jiangsu Province, have recently come up with a package of measures to improve local people's livelihoods, many of which directly benefiting women and children.

A total of 35 measures were announced in seven major aspects including: better quality of public services, improved urban life, expanded social security and increased incomes.

Officials hope the measures will benefit women and children by enhancing their sense of happiness and security.

According to the package, authorities in Nanjing will build or expand 25 kindergartens, eight pilot elementary schools focused on its distinctive local cultures and six regular senior secondary schools.

Authorities will also establish 30 new kindergartens, 46 junior secondary schools at provincial and municipal levels, one international school and 100 standard baby care centers, in an attempt to expand education supply.

In respect to strengthening public security, city officials have proposed introducing special staff to safeguard students on transport, and create an accidental injury relief fund for kindergartens, elementary schools and high-schools across Nanjing.

Meanwhile, the package also addresses much-discussed social topics such as support for innovation and entrepreneurship among youths, as well as the aging population.

The city will fund 5,000 university students to start their own businesses, and provide them with housing allowance.

Better care for the aged will be realized by means of 100 newly-built seniors' canteens in communities, 20 daycare centers and 1,000 nursing home beds.

(Source: cnwomen.com.cn/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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