C China Province Acts to Help Local Women

February 2, 2018  Editor: Chen Caixia

Women's federation official Sun Yuanyuan recently took up the post of first secretary in Wazhao Village, central China's Henan Province.

She says she has been greatly touched by the stories of local villagers.

For example, villager Li Nuo has been blind since childhood, and his wife Guo Xianglian has been unable to walk for 10 years due to a stroke. Painful as that sounds, they never give up, though.

A perfect match, Li often puts his wife on a tricycle so she can navigate, while Li pushes from behind.

Another case in point is Gao Quan, who is physically-impaired and cannot take care of herself. She relies greatly on her husband Zhao Xiaoen when they are both at home. She earns money sorting soybeans by hand.

There are plenty of stories like that in Zhoukou. In order to encourage "one-on-one assistance", the local women's federation has arranged for female entrepreneurs to learn more about such impoverished households and help them alleviate poverty.

"Our Party, government and society should join hands to fight poverty. Local women's federations have a special advantage in building platforms that connect women entrepreneurs, members of executive committees and other outstanding women with impoverished villagers," said Li Hua, chairperson of Zhoukou Women's Federation (ZWF).

The federation has encouraged locals to learn to weave nets and string beads, develop courtyard economies, create traditional new year paintings, make plaited articles, and plant trees to increase their income.

ZWF has also actively solicited policy support and integrated various resources to develop technical training through projects like Long Yuan Skilled Hands, housekeeping skills and agricultural technology training.

The federation successfully organized 52 workshops, trained 3,023 local women and helped 558 underprivileged women last year.

(Source: China Women's News/ Translated and edited by Women of China)

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