Night Training Courses Boom in E China

May 28, 2018  Editor: Qiao Ziyu

From this year, the local women's federation in Yiyuan County in east China's Shandong Province has launched many training activities to build new rural areas on the theme of "Beautiful Families," say officials.

Up to now, those trained during the past 24 training courses have totaled up to over 2500.

"I feel that I'm a real teacher when I notice villagers listen carefully and take notes during the training courses," said Ren Yanhua , president of the women's federation of Nanma Street.

Popular Night Training Courses on the "Beautiful Family"

As the main speaker for the night training courses, Ren divided it into three parts.

"Firstly, we should specify the purpose of the activity, which can help villagers to better implement their skills," Ren said.

The local government officially launched the "Beautiful Family" activity in March this year, which aimed to elect several model villages and model families for a better living environment and civilized family traditions.

"The building of a 'Beautiful Family' can not only improve women's qualities, but can affect all families, villages, and society," Ren said.

Wang Aifang told to the reporter: "Yiyuan County is a typical agricultural county located in the middle part of Shandong Province with 629 villages and 13 communities. Two thirds of the population live in rural areas."

The local women's federation of Yiyuan County has launched relevant activities to select model families, which can be helpful to build the beautiful village and to improve villagers' quality of life as well as happiness index.

Up to now, the local women's federation has awarded 78 model villages and 3,060 model households, including 55 archived impoverished family households.

Ren said: "There were 1,300 model households in Nanma Street."

Through the training courses, villagers can clearly understand the meaning of building "Beautiful Families," which can inspire their initiatives to beautify their houses and promote their family traditions.

"All the women listen carefully during the training courses, even after training, some of them will ask me for some advices," Ren added.

Building Beautiful Families According to Local Conditions

Wang said: "Family virtues are important criteria to build a beautiful family."

"Good family traditions include harmonious couple's relationships; respect for the elderly and care for children; scientific raising methods; and mutually helping neighbors," Wang added.

Furthermore, those models of beautiful families should achieve the requirements of beautiful courtyards and beautiful houses.

The beautiful courtyards not only require a clean and tidy environment around the courtyard, but also mean greenery in the courtyards.

At first, many villagers complained that they had no extra time to manage their household chores because they were too busy with farm work.

Ren said: "Based on the real conditions, we provided relevant plans for them, including the 'Half an Hour' Project to help them form a habit to clean everyday."

Wang explained: "We motivated their daughters and sons to help them clean. However, for those without sons or daughters, we assigned volunteers to help them every two weeks."

Beautiful Houses, Villages, and Harmonious Relationships

Some information on family education and anti-family violence laws will be added into the night training courses, except the "Beautiful Family Project."

"Meanwhile, we will improve training on professional knowledge for presidents of women's federations in different villages, which can totally cover the four communities and 50 villages in Nanma Street this year," Ren added.

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