Volunteers Team Bridges Government, Local People in Central Chinese City

June 8, 2018  Editor: Wu Shanshan

A female volunteers team "Qiao Xifu", or smart daughters-in-law, under the leadership of Dianjun Women's Federation (DWF), has publicized the workings of the legal system and helped deal with conflicts among neighbors in Yichang, central China's Hubei province, for nearly a year.

The team is made up of a group of women ranging from 20 to 70 years old in Qili Village, Dianjun District..

It is their common duty to publicize the rule of law and resolve conflicts among the neighborhood.

Nowadays, the group has gained the trust and love of residents and has become a unique landscape in Dianjun.

The group was established based on a work scheme of Yichang Women's Federation (YWF). In 2017, the YWF took an active part in the comprehensive management of public security in the city.

While establishing a sound mechanism for the mediation of marriages and family disputes, it is also mobilizing outstanding women to participate in publicizing the rule of law and mediating conflicts and disputes at the grassroots.

The DWF embraced the trend and set up a volunteer group called "Qiao Xifu" which mainly carries out lecture tours on harmony, family culture, family education, and targeted poverty alleviation among local people.

It conducts a comprehensive review of applicants in terms of personal qualities, neighborhood relations, and enthusiasm for charity.

The selected members should be model citizens in many fields, such as abidance by the law, enthusiasm in charity, and should be able to truly play an exemplary role among villagers.

In the end, the first batch of 136 outstanding women received a letter of appointment as a member of the group.

In order to ensure their work effectiveness, relevant departments in Dianjun also provided training on business knowledge for them and helped them improve their abilities at work.

"The greatest advantage of the team is always being able to stay close to the local people in the village," Qian Fang, vice-president of the DWF, told reporters.

They always communicate in an easily understandable way, making the 19th CPC National Congress' spirit and the core Socialist values easy to understand for local people.

"What they say make the country's guidelines and policies easier to understand and remember, and we also have more trust in the policies," a villager said.

Moreover, they are experts in using small examples to tell the truth, and using well-known people and examples to increase their influence.

Many villagers commented that they see "Qiao Xifu" as their sisters and neighbors and also an example for them.

"Qiao Xifu" not only acts as publicists, but also mediators.

They usually take the initiative to pay attention to the relationships among neighbors and families, so as to mediate in time once disputes occur.

Many of them have done a wonderful job.

"Qiao Xifu has indeed created a bridge between the party committee and local women," a local official said.

"The number of "Qiao Xifu" volunteers has grown to more than 280, from 136 last year," Qian Fang said.

"In order to ensure a long-term development of "Qiao Xifu", the DWF has also established supervision and incentive mechanisms in collaboration with relevant departments.”

The employment period in "Qiao Xifu" is two years. They can arrange their work based on their other responsibilities. However, there is a minimum time request for publicity and training.

If they cannot meet this requirement, they will be disqualified.

The DWF are also preparing to integrate the "Qiao Xifu" publicity work into the overall framework of civilization building in all units, and combine organically with the selection of city and district-level civilized villages and towns, and the creation of civilized families.

(Source: China Women's News/ Translated and edited by Women of China)

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