Tianjin Launches Survey Project on Women's Livelihood

August 9, 2018  Editor: Xie Wen

Officials from Tianjin Women's Federation (TWF), the Tianjin Social Science Association (TSSA) and the local newspaper Tianjin Daily attended the signing ceremony of a survey project on women's livelihood at a forum in north China's Tianjin on July 17.

To respond to the directions of TWF, the survey, titled "I Care, Women's Lives", was conducted annually over the past three years to learn about Tianjin women's basic living conditions, opportunities and capabilities for development, basic rights protection and various other aspects of life.

In order to expand the influence of this activity into the philosophical and social science circles of the city, TSSA integrated related activities into its grassroots scholars' services in this field.

Some 30 women's livelihood projects were completed last year, and a number of substantial results were formulated.

Since the official launch of the Women's Livelihood Survey Project 2018 on April 20, the project has received extensive attention and support from people of all walks of life. A total of 105 teams have filled out project applications.

After an intense initial review and project optimization assessment, 20 teams were selected.

At the ceremony, officials from the TSSA introduced related research requirements, whilst representatives of the selected team inked an agreement with organizers, and made statements on the spot.

The Party secretary and executive vice-president of the TSSA, Jin Fanghua, explained that the survey on women's livelihood was an important part of the large-scale investigation into the grassroots scholars' service in the social sciences field.

The aim of the survey was to conduct in-depth research and practice to summarize the important achievements with characteristic of Tianjin.

"I hope scholars will go deeper into the front line and into the grassroots community, to conduct in-depth investigations and studies, and generate research results that are effective and practical," said Jin.

"The researchers can improve their style of study, academic quality, test theories, make full use of the study, increase knowledge, practically apply results and achieve new improvements in theoretical innovation," Jin added.

Yan Yingxia, vice-president of the TWF, raised her hopes and demands for the investigation teams.

She said she hoped the teams would, along with research institutions and carry out investigation, be more deeply integrated into women's lives, and provide a more accurate grasp of social reality.

The study would also broaden the vision of social organization services and allow women's needs to be more understood by public management organizations and women's federations through field research, added Yan.

According to statistics, together with 20 women's topics, a total of more than 100 special research projects and more than 100 case-research projects were established in the grassroots scholar service activity this year.

(Source: Xinhua/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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