S China Women Officials Contribute to Grassroots Governance

September 30, 2018  Editor: Xie Wen

Representatives of the women's federations of the villages in Danzao Town, in Foshan, south China's Guangdong Province, recently invited participants from local communities to join a sharing session to talk about the social services work experience collected during the last three years.

The services project, jointly led by the Nanhai District women's federation, Danzao Town Social Work Committee, Danzao Women's Federation (DWF) and the community residents committee, has been implemented for three years. It aims to establish a discussion mechanism and a platform to creatively integrate social forces into community services to connect with the masses, and explore the growth platform and mechanism for grassroots women's organizations and community women's executive committees led by party building.

In recent years, Nanhai District has taken the lead in exploring a system of universal and direct contact with local people. Thus in 2015, the women's federation of Nanhai District and DWF joined forces with Liansha Community in Danzao and conducted a series of investigations among local people in accordance with the requirements of the work.

During the visit and investigation before the establishment of the station, the officials learned that Liansha Community mainly relies on the family-style hardware manufacturing workshops, which affects environmental sanitation and family care.

In addition, women don’t participate in community governance due to their occupation in production and management, which directly hinders the promotion of work regarding women and children and sends a call to local officials to attach great importance to fostering the sense of value and belonging of women in the community.

After in-depth discussion, the district and town working teams, the social work committee, and Liansha Community worked together to invest in project and professional resources, and technical guidance, and established the station agent in an effort to stimulate the participation of women's groups in grassroots governance, and effectively harness women's power.

At the beginning of the project, under the support of the community party committee and women party members, the six women executive committee members of women's federations s from the villages of Liansha Community set up a prototype platform for the station.

In the process of carrying out the service, they realized that it was not enough to rely solely on the core members, thus they offered to expand the team by publicizing and recruiting in their respective villages.

Officials from the district, the town women's federation and the community also jointly promoted the growth of newly-recruited staff through demonstrating the methods to contact local people, and enhancing their confidence at work.

Driven by the backbone of party members at all levels, the staff obtained noticeable improvements, and carried out community service with active participation in the key tasks of the villages, such as security governance, eliminating pornography and illegal publications, and community public affairs.

Meanwhile, the station will continue to hold a weekly sharing session in Liansha Community to explore the actual needs of residents; and work together to form a feasible solution to assist residents to participate in solving problems on their own.

According to statistics, the station development services project of Liansha Community has cultivated a group of staff, including six women executives, in the past three years. The group submitted hundreds of community development proposals. They also made more than 500 home visits and organized hundreds of events to promote the community development.

According to the person in charge of the project, they also formed a two-way cultivation model by building a platform for the development of the station. On the one hand, the staff relied on grassroots women's organizations to lead the women's federation executive committee members to join the team and enhance their personal ability; on the other hand, the project recommended the key members among the staff and cultivated them as the grassroots women's committee members to set up the talent reserves.

In addition, the project optimizes the backbone training model for grassroots women, enriches the cultivation channels and platforms, and becomes an important force to closely contact and serve the local people and participate in grassroots social governance.

Moreover, the workers have continuously improved their ability in consultation, discussion and participation in self-governance of community through study and constant training. With the help of Liansha Community hospital, they have carried out free clinic services for the elderly in the community; they also organized anti-theft and anti-fraud lectures for the residents, effectively promoted the active participation of all parties and the continuous improvement of the self-management ability of the community.

(Source: Fnews.cc/ Translated and edited by Women of China)

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