NW China City Hosts Skills Training for Women Farmers, Brokers

December 29, 2018  Editor: Xie Wen
Shaanxi Women's Federation (SWF), northwest China, hosts a training of female farmers and agricultural brokers in Xi'an from December 13-14. [Shaanxi Women's Federation]


Officials from Shaanxi Women's Federation (SWF), northwest China, held a symposium on the topic of training of female farmers and agricultural brokers in the city of Xi'an, from December 13-14.

Dang Jie, vice-president of SWF and other relevant officials from the provincial agricultural and rural affairs department and the human resources and social security department attended the meeting.

Other participants included representatives of professional farmers and agricultural brokers from various cities.

The training was carried out with a focus on funding, technology and sales problems encountered in the agricultural production by explaining policies, teaching skills and establishing new platforms.

At the event, Zhang Xufeng, director of the rural economics section of the provincial agricultural department, analyzed the national and provincial agricultural policies from different perspectives, and the direction of the agricultural development in the province next year.

Participants were instructed to adjust their own production according to the direction of the state-led agricultural industry.

Wang Minxue, deputy researcher of the local microfinance center, spoke on the interpretation of basic knowledge regarding the loan application and repayment operations.

Liu Zhanbang, general manager of a Yangling-based agricultural data platform, shared his experience of applying online resources and technology, promoting rural e-commerce sales and modern agricultural development based on his own practice. He also discussed ways of integrating the internet and agriculture.

Dang said the trainees must seize opportunities, focus on services, learn relevant laws and regulations and business management methods, and build platforms to ensure good services.

They were also encouraged to be dedicated to helping more people in need to shake off poverty, constantly enhance their sense of responsibility, and contribute to the campaign of poverty alleviation and comprehensive rural vitalization.

During the training, the Shaanxi association for female farmers and agricultural brokers held a council to summarize their annual work, improve the organization, and discuss and revise the management methods to lay a solid foundation for further development.

(Source: Shaanxi Women's Federation/ Translated and edited by Women of China)

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