Women's Federation Sets up Children's Home in Tent After Earthquake

June 20, 2019  Editor: Li Yang

Volunteers carry out an activity in Children's Home at a middle school in Shuanghe Town, Changning County in Yibin City, Southwest China's Sichuan Province on June 20. [China Women's News]


A temporary settlement site for the residents in Changning County in Yibin City, Southwest China's Sichuan Province, hit by a 6.0-magnitude earthquake on June 17, set up a Children's Home in tent at a middle school in Shuanghe Town on June 20. 

At 10 am, Yuan Shouxiu, 51 years old, took her 2-year-old grandson to the Children's Home to attend a course.  

After the earthquake, Yuan and her grandson were well cared for, and now the local children have a place for learning and playing. "My grandson likes the friends and teachers at the Children's Home very much," she said.

"Today, more than 70 children took part in the activity at the Children's Home and most of them spent a whole day in there," a female volunteer Xiang Bing said.

Xiang is the Director of the Women and Children Education and Service Center in Yibin. She said that there were more than 10 female volunteers working at the Children's Home, including experienced teachers, psychological professionals and staff from the local women's federation.

The Women's Federation of Yibin City required female volunteers to count up the number of children in the settlement sites and collected parents' suggestions for children activities. The federation built up a tent as Children's Home, and it gathered volunteers with preschool education experience to organize activities at the home.

The city's women's federation  is planning to set up more children's homes, including children's home in tent, mobile and permanent homes, in earthquake-hit counties, helping local children get rid of the adverse effects of the earthquake and grow up happily.

Up to now, the Children's Home in tent in Shuanghe middle school has carried out activities in music, language, painting and psychological health.

"We will also formulate an operation mechanism for the children's homes, such as training local preschool teachers to work there and establishing a psychological-service station, offering better and sustainable service for children in earthquake-hit areas," Xiang said.


(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)


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