Shandong Strengthens Women Workers' Labor Protection

March 28, 2019  Editor: Sun Muyao

Officials of the General Office of Shandong (in East China) Provincial Government recently promulgated the measures to strengthen the special labor protection of female employees. The measures, which will take effect on March 1, stipulate employers should protect women's rights and interests, especially during their "three periods" (pregnancy, giving birth and breastfeeding). The regulations are intended to showcase society's respect and care for women, and to promote the construction of a harmonious society.

The officials said, in accordance with the measures, women will be allowed 98 days of paid maternity leave. Also, for a couple who gives birth in compliance with China's laws and regulations on childbirth, the wife may have an additional 60 days of maternity leave, and the husband may have seven days of paternity leave, so he can take care of his wife and baby.

The measures contain information about how to better protect the rights of women employees, especially pregnant and lying-in women. For example, pregnant women should not perform dangerous work or be assigned jobs that might adversely affect their health, such as logging and underground mining.

In addition, the measures stipulate organizations, especially those that employ many women, should establish clinics and breastfeeding rooms and/or pregnant women's lounges. The measures also stipulate employers should arrange for their women employees to receive gynecological examinations (including the screening for cervical and breast cancer) once a year or every two years.


(Women of China)

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