Celina Jade Serves as Ambassador for China-Euro Women Film Festival

May 31, 2018  Editor: Liu Yanmei
Lu Jingshan Serves as Ambassador for China-Euro Women Film Festival
Lu Jingshan, as the image ambassador for the China-Euro Women Film Festival this year, attends the opening of the Cannes film festival. [Xinhua]


Hong Kong actress Lu Jingshan (Celina Jade) was invited by organizers to Cannes, France, as this year's ambassador for the China-Euro Women Film Festival during the Cannes Interational Film Festival.

Lu attended the China-Euro Women's Forum, a major event of the China-Euro Women Film Festival held in Village International on May 10. During the forum, she discussed the positive impact brought by female film practitioners in different fields to the entire film industry.

Lu, who was born in the Hong Kong, previously studied in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Lu has the qualities of women in the East and the West, demonstrating the independence and confidence of a new generation of actresses.

She was famous for playing Rachel, a brave doctor in the movie Wolf Warriors Ⅱ.

At the Venice Film Festival in 2017, Lu attended the China-Euro Forum of Women Filmmakers as a representative of outstanding young actresses and called for the public to pay attention to women's issues.

Her call has been widely spread on Chinese social media and was highly praised.

As the image ambassador for the 2018 China-Euro Women Film Festival, Lu will further assist the promotion of good women-themed films worldwide, support women filmmakers, and encourage more women to join the ranks of film production.

As a series of film festivals designed to draw the public's attention to women's issues through films, and then drive the whole society to pay attention to women's rights, the China-Euro

Women Film Festival was co-sponsored by the China-EU Film Club and Movie View magazine.

The film festival is dedicated to exhibiting excellent and representative films worldwide.

At the same time, through a series of exhibitions, forums, workshops, and charitable activities, it supports and encourages the creativity of women filmmakers worldwide, and encourages independent and innovative women's spirits. It also hopes to bring women more attention and discourse power in the modern society.

In the following days, the film festival will not only hold its first themed exhibition in Hong Kong, but also plans to hold a series of women's forums in Hong Kong, Rome and other cities.

As the image ambassador, Lu will also continue to participate in various types of promotional activities for the film festival, vocalize on behalf of female filmmakers, demonstrate the charm of women, share stories of women, and explore the value of women.

(Source: Xinhua/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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