500 Children Go on Trip to Chongqing Zoo

February 14, 2018  Editor: Qiao Ziyu

Some 500 children from impoverished rural schools in Chongqing Municipality in southwest China, went on a winter camp to visit a zoo and take part in fun activities on February 5.

Hu Yuting, a young girl, said she was too excited to sleep the night before when she knew she could visit the animals the next day, a first for her.

"In order to take some photos for this special experience, my mother gave me her phone, so I could show her the pictures I took during the trip when I go back home," she added.

Hu Yuting said she was happy to see golden monkeys, peacocks and kangaroos.

Some 28 children whose birthdays are in February were given special gifts by organizers.

More than 20 students from Ji Ming Primary School in Chengkou County gave a performance, which was organized by Lan Hong, a teacher from the Affiliated Kindergarten of Ji Ming Primary School.

Lan created a song with local tea culture as its theme along with four other teachers, since the local Ji Ming Tea is well known in China, and they wanted to promote local culture among the children.

The lead singer at the activity was the youngest, whose name is Shen Xianxiang. She lives with her grandparents and her parents work in Hubei Province, central China.

She said: "I'm happy I can be selected to give a performance and I want to show my dance to my mother and father when they come back home."

(Source: Xinhua/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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