Beijing Foundation Donates to Schoolchildren in N China

June 29, 2018  Editor: Qiao Ziyu
Baijie Foundation Donates Funds to Benefit Schoolchildren in N China
Representatives at the donation event. []


Baijie Care Foundation (BCF) of Beijing Women and Children's Development Foundation (BWCDF) held a donation event to help renovate the teaching facilities at Aohanqima Central Primary School in Chifeng, north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, on June 1.

Concurrently, Beijing Women's Federation (BWF) also donated money and materials worth a total of 280,000 yuan to Manihan Central School in Chifeng, along with BCF.

Yuan Wenying, president of Chifeng Women's Federation, said the school will use the money to upgrade the drinking water facilities and construct an e-books reading room.

This year, with support from BWF, the local women's federation of Inner Mongolia has contributed a lot to women's poverty-alleviation in affected areas to better implement the requirements of the Three-Year Poverty Alleviation Framework Agreement between Beijing and Inner Mongolia.

A total of 41 training courses have been incorporated into the Beijing-Inner Mongolia Talents Training Plan, with about 2,600 women trained so far.

In August 2016, BWF launched an activity to promote women's mutual development and signed the Counterparts Cooperation Framework Agreement to better implement four initiatives including: industrial poverty alleviation, personnel training and exchanges, internet information services, and providing aid to impoverished women in the two regions.

At the beginning of the activity, BWF and BWCDF donated one million yuan to Inner Mongolia for professional training courses, a caring project for mothers and children, and to promote handicrafts.

(Source: and edited by Women of China)

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