Women's Federation in E China's Zhejiang Expands Scope of Services

July 9, 2018  Editor: Yang Peng

A district women's federation in the city of Wenzhou, east China's Zhejiang Province, has earned widespread recognition after expanding the scope of its services such as being a public service agent and participating in social governance.

"We are transforming our role to public service provider," President Sun Xiaodan of Ouhai Women's Federation (OWF), said in an interview with a reporter from China Women's News.

The three main goals of the central government's reform are to create a new social governance regime, improve the work style and promote diversified community governance, said the official.

In an answer to the central government's call, OWF has made full use of its advantages and launched several projects.

To better serve local women, OWF has carried out investigations, prepared a list of demands and joined together with other social organizations to develop more initiatives.

For example, OWF arranged for medics at Wenzhou No.3 People's Hospital to deliver health lectures at a clothing factory, telling female staff how to prevent HPV and cervical lesions.

It also arranged for businesswomen's associations in Ouhai to offer free daily necessities for local impoverished groups; and, for traditional Chinese medicine doctors to promote healthcare knowledge among local women to safeguard their health.

Up till now, OWF has established a database concerning resources of 45 social organizations and promoted over 40 charity events.

It also has strengthened social governance by creating new mechanisms and links with other social organizations.

"The move has accelerated the standardization of service system and enhanced the influence of women's federations among the public," said Sun.

(Source: China Women's News / Translated and edited by Women of China)

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