Leading Education Group Sponsors Charity Program for Girls

March 1, 2019  By Fan Wenjun  Editor: Lei Yang
Leading Education Group Sponsors Charity Program for Girls
New Oriental's President Yu Minhong (L, front) presents the donation to Zhao Wen, Member of the Secretariat of ACWF. [Women of China / Fan Wenjun]


China Children and Teenagers' Foundation (CCTF) and New Oriental Education & Technology Group held a ceremony and launched a special campaign on February 26 to sponsor education and help the lives of impoverished children.

At the ceremony, New Oriental donated 1 million yuan to CCTF's Spring Bud Program. The company also pledged a donation of the same amount each year till 2023, according to a representative. 

Zhao Wen, Member of the Secretariat of the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF), said at the ceremony that the Spring Bud Program has delivered the care of the Party and society to girls through charitable actions and has played a large role in promoting education and gender equality. 

On behalf of the ACWF, Zhao expressed appreciation and affirmed the effort of New Oriental to perform its social responsibility by sponsoring students' social practice education. 
Yu Minhong, president of New Oriental, shared information about the company's long-term practice of participating in charity initiatives and said the company plans to take advantage of its leading role and give all-round support to the Spring Bud Program, helping narrow the gap between urban and rural education. 

The new campaign will include trips and activities to enable sponsored students to learn about traditional culture and the history of the country, as well as efforts to help enhance their moral and boost their patriotism.

The Spring Bud Program was launched in 1989. It has sponsored 3.69 million girls and built 1,811 schools. The program has also organized vocational training among 527,000 women and issued 2.17 million copies of handbooks on girls' safety protection.

(Women of China)

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