Chinese Youth League to Organize Social Events for Single Youth

May 19, 2017  Editor: Candy Liao

The Chinese Communist Youth League (CYL) recently announced that they would help the single young people in China by organizing social events, and to coordinate the judiciary to regulate the matchmaking industry, so as to help the single youth to find their life partners. The news has quickly sparked a heated discussion among netizens in China. Some expressed their gratitude to the organization for the offer and other jokingly commented that as single young people, they "felt the warmth and the light of hope".

The warm reaction is based on the actual demand in reality. Statistics show that nearly 200 million men and women in China are currently unmarried. Some research believes that China is facing the 4th "single tide". Unlike the previous ones, the 4th one is influenced by the rapid economic growth and the improvement of women's self-awareness in China. More and more women chose to not get married. The problem of unmarried young people not only troubles their parents, but also affect the social structure.

To better serve the young people and stay close to the young people, the CYL is carrying out a series of reforms to innovate their work. Helping the younger generation with their dating and marriage problems is one of such moves. At present, many people, in the name of the "freedom of dating and marriage", think that the League has its finger in the pie, and there are also people who don't believe that the League is actually going to act as what it says. In order to become the friend of the youth instead of the commander, the CYL probably should start from becoming a good matchmaker.


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